Guide to Conversational AI for the Banking Industry

With Conversational AI, financial institutions are able to automate customer transactions, personalize customer experiences, and respond to customer queries instantaneously, right on the channels where customers prefer to interact. 

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What's Included

About Wysdom.AI

Wysdom.AI is the easiest way for businesses around the world to offer conversational AI that actually works. Built on nearly a decade of research and patented technology innovation, Wysdom transforms the way conversational AI learns from customers and gets better every day. We offer the only comprehensive conversational AI service, with cutting-edge AI management tools, tech, a massive library of AI training data, and an AI training practice to ensure your solution performs well. 

Established in 2012, we are trusted by leading brands and have enterprise deployments in North America, Latin America, and Europe. 

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"Consumers prefer digital channels, as long as banks can get the experience right"

Whether you are deploying a Chatbot, Virtual Assistant or an interactive voice response system, Conversational AI promotes a more enhanced customer experience while delivering actionable insights on customer behaviour.

With our guide to Conversational AI in the banking industry, you will learn all about: 

  • The proven use cases  where banks and financial institutions are seeing the most success

  • The importance of ongoing AI training and optimization to elevate customer satisfaction scores

  • Maximizing revenue opportunity across digital channels 

  • Facilitating day-to-day banking transactions and activities with Conversational AI

  • Offloading simple question-and-answer customer queries to reduce call centre volumes

  • Why gathering customer insights and analytics from everyday chat and voice conversations is beneficial 

  • How to jumpstart your Conversational AI journey with the Wysdom Exchange